The Compost Quality Alliance (CQA) is a voluntary program established by the
Compost Council of Canada and the compost producers utilizing standardized
testing methodologies and uniform operating protocols to improve customer confidence
in compost selection and utilization.

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 Key Elements of the Program

 Benefits of the Program

To Consumers
To the Compost Industry

 How the CQA Program Works:

 The Specifics:

 About the CQA laboratory accreditation program:

Participating CQA-laboratories across Canada and the United States are involved
in the CAP (Compost Analysis Proficiency) program, a laboratory quality
assurance program to calibrate procedures and evaluate inter-lab method performance.
The Test Methods for Examination of Composting and Compost (TMECC)
forms the basis of
the analytical test methods. CAP is administered by Dr. Robert Miller of Colorado State University.

Compost Council of Canada
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CQA Compost Producers include:

ADI International PEI
All Treat Farms
Astoria Organic Matters Canada
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
City of Brandon
City of Calgary
City of Edmonton
City of Kelowna
City of Medicine Hat
City of Saskatoon
City of Winnipeg
City of Yellowknife
Envirem Organics
Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Management
Foothills Waste Management
GFL Inc. (Lafleche Environmental)
Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission
Greely Environmental
Gro-Bark Organics
Halton Region
Miller Compost
Net Zero Waste
Northridge Farms
Peel Region
Penner Waste
Pictou County Solid Waste
Premier Tech
Region of Waterloo
Schlegel Poultry Compost
Thorlakson Feedyards Inc.
Top Spray
TRY Recycling
Webstone Holsteins

Both provincial/territorial and federal governments have established guidelines for the testing and sale of compost products. Criteria include maturity/stability, trace elements, pathogen as well as moisture content and depending on ingredients, N-P-K. Sampling standards as well as reporting requirements are also included in the regulatory framework under which compost facilities must operate.

The Compost Council of Canada and our members have been actively involved in the development as well as the ongoing reviews of these guidelines. During these reviews and as part of the ongoing nurturing of the advancements of organics recycling across Canada, it became apparent that while these guidelines meet the requirements from the perspective of government regulators, there was an important need to go above and beyond these guidelines to also reflect agronomic parameters that would help ensure that the right compost was used for the right purpose.

Hence the Compost Quality Alliance (CQA) was developed to not only reflect government regulations but to go above and beyond to also test for the agronomic properties of compost and direct its usage appropriately.

CQA is a voluntary initiative, open to all compost producers across Canada. Upfront operational audits as well as testing procedures are required of all CQA-members along with an ongoing sampling regime and product attribute focus and market sale.

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For more information about CQA, please call the Council @ 1-877-571-GROW(4769) or email: