The Biology of Soil Health

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The Soil is Alive!

The story of “soil health” starts with the realization that soil is alive — not like an individual is alive, but in the sense of a community, or ecosystem. A single handful of healthy soil will contain thousands of species of organisms and millions of individuals. So, when we speak of heathy soil, we are not referring to the physical elements, such as particles of clay, silt or sand; we are actually speaking of the health of a community of organisms, living in the physical environment we call “soil”.

An initiative of The Compost Council of Canada, with funding in part from Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative, and assistance from the Agricultural Adaptation Council, THE BIOLOGY OF SOIL HEALTH is an interactive educational program designed to focus on the science of soil health, both biologically and ecologically.

Workshops, manuals (both written and audio) as well as self-managed tests are components of the program, available to audiences from farmers to urban gardeners, landscapers and anyone interested in the wonderful world of soil life.

During the Winter of 2019, The Council will be providing workshop opportunities across Canada within our COMPOST MATTERS! Regional events.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop or program for your own organization and colleagues, please contact our Council for additional information.

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