Get ready for a new breed of conference!  Our hybrid conference will feature:

  • In-person workshop and conference sessions
  • Facility tours
  • Opportunities for exhibitors



  • Virtual sessions featuring national and international speakers, to be shared with the in-person groups as well as available for remote participants

Full Program Details below!

Government of Canada Initiatives to Advance Organics Recycling & Soil Health

Reducing GHG Emissions from Canada’s Solid Waste Sector
Waste Reduction and Management Division, Environment & Climate Change Canada

Compost & Digestate within the Fertilizers Act & Regulations
Ewa Madey and CFIA Research Team, Fertilizer Safety Section, Plant Health & Biosecurity Directorate Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Agriculture & AgriFood Canada’s Living Labs The New Brunswick Initiative
Cedric MacLeod, MacLeod Agronomics Ltd.

Global Advances to Fully Capture the Enormous Potential for Organics Recycling

Organic Fertilizers & Amendments within the International Network on Fertilizer Analysis
Vinisa Saynes-Santillan, Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Developing Sustainable Cities through the Flow of Natural Resources: Progress and Perspective
Daniel Hoornweg, OntarioTech University

Updates from the Members of the International Compost Alliance
Percy Foster, CRÉ: Composting & Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland
Frank Franciosi, US Composting Council
Jane Gilbert, Biological Treatment Working Group, International Solid Waste Association
Jenny Grant, Organics & Natural Capital, REA: The Association for Renewable Energy & Clean Technology
John McKew, Australian Organics Recycling Association
Stefanie Siebert, European Compost Network

Best Management Practices for Composting & Anaerobic Digestion

Tom Ferencevic, FITEC
Brian Fuchs, W.L. Gore
Paul Larouche, BROME
Jocelyn Molyneux, Wastenot Farms
Dale Overton, Overton Environmental
Baraka Poulin, Engineered Compost Systems

Research Discoveries to Support Organics Recycling IC&I & Municipal Initiatives

Fundamentals in Compost Research: Essential Ingredients based on 30+ Years of Research
Tom Forge, Summerland Research Station, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Soil Carbon Sequestration and Reduction of CO₂ Emissions
Louis-Pierre Comeau, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

From Nutritional to Productivity Increases – The Power of Compost
Lord Abbey, Dalhousie University

Composted Biosolids for Soil Improvement:
A Multi-site Study of Nutrient Use Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Grant Clark, McGill University

Anaerobic Digestion Efficiency for Production of Biohydrogen
and for Conversion of Specified Risk Materials into Biogas

Brandon Gilroyed, University of Guelph

Composting of Aquaculture Wastes
from Recirculating Aquaculture Systems and from Mussel Processing in PEI

Gordon Price, Dalhousie University

Deactivation of BSE Prions Through Composting: Updated Results
Shanwei Xu, Morden Research & Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The Power of Organic Amendments in the Soil to Cycle and Store Carbon
Christine Brown, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs

Certified Compostable Packaging Developments & Marketplace Conditions

Canada Plastics Pact: Direction & Action
Chris McKillop, Club Coffee L.P.

Updates & Initiatives from Compostable Certifying Bodies

Compostable 101
Compostable Working Group, The Compost Council of Canada

The Italian Way: The Incorporation of Compostables in the Italian Organics Recycling Infrastructure
Global Members and Associates of Novamont Group

Facility Tours Virtual-Style

Come travel with us as we tour the following facilities and initiatives

Moncton, New Brunswick

Walker Environmental
Thorold and Arthur, Ontario

Convertus Group
Surrey, British Columbia

City of Medicine Hat
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Toilet Tech including the EcoWashroom in Utopia

Hamlet of Tulita
Northwest Territories

Highfield Regenerative Farm
Calgary, Alberta

Utopia Farmland
Utopia, Ontario

The Compost Council of Canada is the national non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to advocating and advancing organics residuals recycling and compost use.
The Council serves as the central resource and network for the compost and organics recycling industry in Canada and, through its members,
contributes to the environmental sustainability of the communities in which they operate.